saving south sudan

Today's is South Sudan's birthday. It's been four years since the world's newest nation was born. But it's on the brink of collapse. More than two thirds of the countries 12 million people are in need of humanitarian aid and upwards of 4.5 million people are at risk of starving. Nicholas Kristof gives a horrific account from his recent visit there: “Survivors report that boys have been castrated and left to bleed to death. … Girls as young as 8 have been gang raped and murdered. … Children have been tied together before their attackers slit their throats.” Last week a headline from BBC read, "Army raped and torched girls."

My World Relief colleagues living and working near the epicenter of the conflict confirm the atrocities. One of our own team members died from injuries sustained when a shell exploded where he was seeking refuge. A staff member from our health partner in Unity State "ran from the fighting until he could run no further and, there, unable to catch his breath he collapsed and died."

After tweeting about South Sudan, someone said to me, "Where is the outrage?" A valid question for sure. South Sudan is fighting for its very survival. Joining our South Sudanese brothers and sisters now by lamenting, praying, advocating, shouting or giving, can make the difference between whether a nation becomes a failed state or lives to celebrate happier birthdays. We owe it to the South Sudanese. Now is the time to save South Sudan.